Japandi Homes is inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian living. The term ‘Japandi’ represents a unique blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Let's explain Japandi a little…

Japandi is much more than just aesthetics, but a way of life. Both cultures might be miles away but are strongly connected with elegance, simplicity, functionality, nature, and comfort. Japandi also finds beauty in the irregularity of things. It is worth mentioning that these traits are also core in protecting our planet. You can read up more about our sustainability and ethics (here

 Having lived in the Nordics for over a decade, as a family, we came to love and develop a deep passion for Nordic/Scandi living. Inspired by this, Japandi homes was founded to deliver a collection of very unique products of exceptional quality to give your home that minimalist, neutral, yet an elegant modern finish. Let's just say at Japandi Homes, we give you the hygge feel spiced up with zen vibes.

Every aspect of living and design is catered for at Japandi Homes; from the young, to home living, as well as business! We have a collection of homeware and decor, wooden climbing frames and bedroom furniture for the little ones, bedroom, family living, and office chattel. We are on a mission to provide you with a wide range of products that will impact every aspect of living in a Japandi way.

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