By the mid 20th century there was a gathering awareness that there was an environmental cost to the material benefits of the modern lifestyle and by the 1970s it was obvious that human activities cannot continue being insensitive to the needs of the environment indefinitely. In the 21st century, thankfully, there is a greater consciousness of the threat posed by burning fossil fuels and its effects on climate change. There has also been a clear negative effect on biodiversity for all to see even in a generation.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This definition of thought does not hinge only on environmentalism. There is also consideration for social equity and economic development. Sustainability is by no means against development but expects it to be a more encompassing activity considering the environmental, economic and social impacts of any exploit.


We have carefully selected and have only partnered with companies whose sustainability strategy aligns with UN global climate protection initiatives. We encourage our suppliers to be more responsible and accountable in the sourcing and use of raw materials, to package their goods with sustainable materials, and in the implementation of sustainable production pipelines.


Our focus is clearly on deliverables made almost entirely from sustainable and recyclable sources such as wood, rattan, bamboo, metal, paper, and textile.


With increased demand, we aim to reduce our carbon footprints by shipping products directly from the point of manufacture to the final consumer where possible in order to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. Furthermore, where possible, we source only locally available Scandinavian and Japanese inspired crafts to bring you the best designs without having to transport them from supply chains far away, and thus significantly reduce our carbon footprint.



It’s a good thing that many corporations are becoming increasingly ethical in their mode of operations as it can even lead to investors and customers refusing to do business with a company that is perceived to be damaging the environment or has little consideration for the human impact of its operations.

We are an eco conscious company working to bring to you durable and responsibly made products with timeless design. Japandi Homes is passionate about sustainability and believes that its human, social, economic, and environmental pillars should be untouchable in ensuring a better world for our children to grow up in. We believe incorporating the practice of Hygge and Lagom in decorating our homes, offices, and at public places will help make this possible. Integrating the timeless beauty and balance of nature in our everyday life has enormous knock on effects.