Kutikai Toddler Bed ROOF® 160 x 80


A design imitating the structure of a house can be a dream come true for many children. Thanks to creative solutions – surprises in the form of a roof and windows, it will certainly revive a child’s fantasy. At the same time, it is mainly associated with a safe haven, idyllic peace and the warmth of a home. A piece of furniture with a unique style, not only for sleeping, but also as a play space. A bed with a hood is a great solution for the youngest whose creativity and sense of aesthetics are just taking shape. 



Three characteristic windows – two classic square-shaped windows on the side wall, one long and two-sided. Solid backrest with extra space for feet. The layout of white-painted legs, which allows for a harmonious arrangement of the whole, gives the bed lightness, and is a common element for the remaining furniture from the collection.


In addition to the sleeping function, the bed-house perfectly stimulates children’s imagination – it can instantly transform into a floating ship, a spaceship or a tent. Aesthetically finished, rounded and exceptionally smooth elements of the bed guarantee safety of use. A very durable mattress frame allows the youngest to play freely. The high structure of the canopy allows for additional arrangement, placing a lamp or lights.

Toddler Bed Dimensions:

Length 164cm
Width: 84cm
Height: 145cm

Colour: Natural Birch plywood / White paint


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